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Sunday Meetings

7:00 am 7-Up Group St Peter’s UCC, 816 Buchannan Ave & College Ave, (enter form Buchannan), Lancaster – O D RR ** 63   Map

7:00 am Easy Does It Group, "Attitude Adjustment Meeting", 521 Club, 2400 Butter Road, Lancaster - O D RR **, 63   Map

9:30 am Sunday Morning Breakfast, Stayer Hall, Room 104, 51 Lyte Road, Millersville University – O D **, 34   Map

10:00 am Easy Does it Group, 521 Club, 2400 Butter Road, Lancaster - O D **, 63   Map

Noon Atheist & Agnostic AA, Lancaster General Hospital Dining Room #3, 555 N Duke St, Lancaster - O D **,    Map

3:00 pm "11th Step", 521 Club, 2400 Butter Road, Lancaster - O D **, 63   Map

5:30 pm Lancaster Lambda Group, Community Mennonite Church, 328 W. Orange St,(enter off Concord St), Lancaster - O D 3rd wk SP G/L, 63   Map

7:00 pm Ephrata Central Step Meeting, Grace Evangelical CC, 131 Terrace Avenue, Ephrata - C ST, 2nd Wk BB, 4th Wk SP, 64   Map

7:00 pm Elizabethtown Big Book, St. Paul’s UMC, 398 N Locust St, Elizabethtown - O BB **, 64   Map

7:30 pm Big Book Birds Group, Willow Street United Church of Christ, rear door, 2723 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street - O D BB (1st 164 pgs alternate w/ stories) **, 34   Map

8:00 pm Easy Does It Group, 521 Club, 2400 Butter Road, Lancaster- O D LS **, 63   Map

8:00 pm Step It Up Big Book, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 701 N Lime St, O D BB BL **, 34  Map


O = Open to anyone interested in AA
C = Closed for AA members only or those with a drinking problem and a desire to stop drinking.
B = Beginner's
BB = Big Book
ST = Step
TR = Tradition
SP = Speaker
D = Discussion
W = Women
M = Men
G/L = Gay / Lesbian
GV = Grapevine
LS = Living Sober
NC = No Children
CL = Candlelight
SS = Spanish Speaking
B/L = AA Books/Literature Study
RR = Round Robin

 * = Handicapped accessible meeting.
** = Handicapped accessible meeting and restrooms.

Number at the end is District #.

All meetings are non-smoking unless otherwise noted.

Phone Meeting: Sober Voices Group, 7 Days: Noon, 10 pm, and Fri & Sat Midnight 1-(712) 432-0075 (Access Code – 654443#).


AA Meetings

Meeting Changes

New Meetings

  • Soundness of Mind Group
    Mondays 8:00 pm, St Peter's Evangelical Church, 10 Delp Rd, Lancaster O D **
  • Spiritual Awareness Group. Wednesdays at Noon. Saint Catherine of Sienna Church, 955 Robert Fulton Hwy, Route 222 South, Quarryville, O D B/L ** Daily Reflections book
  • Sense Of Direction
    Thursdays 7:00 pm-8:00 pm at Lighthouse Assembly of God Church, 105 Earland Drive , New Holland - O ST TR B/L SP **.

Canceled Meetings

  • Steps to Serenity
    Has discontinued the 7:00 pm Monday meetings at Coleman Chapel, 1980 Furnace Hills Pike, Brickerville.
  • Life on Life's Terms
    Sunday 7:00 pm meeting at Men's Gatehouse, 649 East Main Street, Lititz.
  • Newcomers Group
    Saturday 11:00 am meeting at United Methodist Church, Duke and Walnut Streets, Lancaster.

Location Changes

  • Stepping Stones
    Will meet Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, Salem UCC, 2312 Marietta Ave, Lancaster. Map
  • Elizabethtown Big Book
    Will meet Sundays at 7:00 pm, St. Paul’s UMC, 398 N Locust St, Elizabethtown. Map
  • Spiritual Awakenings
    Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Marrietta Community Chapel 1125 River Rd, Marietta.

Name/Other Changes

  • Tuesday Night Recharge Group
    meeting on Tue, 5:30 pm at LGH Dining Room #3 name is now Working The Program Group.
  • We Agnostics Group
    meeting on Sun, Mon and Fri at LGH Dining Room #3 name is now Atheist & Agnostic AA.
  • Women of Change
    The Tuesday 7:00 pm meeting at Grace Evangelical CC, 131 Terrace Ave, Ephrata format is now W O BB, Speaker on last Tue.
  • Mt Joy Central Group
    The Thursday 6:00 pm meeting at St Luke's Episcopal Church, 209 S Market St, Mt Joy is now called Handling Sobriety.