Rules for 521 Club Meetings

• No more than 25 people inside The Club at one time
• No one admitted to the downstairs meeting room (Downstairs is closed)
• If you are considered high risk, please use discretion and stay home.
• Home Groups are responsible for enforcing the 25 person limit in The Club during their meetings. Once the 25 chairs are full, no more people can be admitted in the building.
• Once 25 are in The Club during meetings, the overflow of people are permitted to have meeting outside with appropriate social distancing.
• If Home Groups do not enforce and limit their meetings to 25 people in the building, The 521 Club Board of Trustees will shut down the meeting until Lancaster County enters the Green Phase.
• After meetings, Home Groups are responsible to wipe down chairs/surfaces with provided cleaning supplies.
Face masks are required in the building. Home Groups are required to enforce this during their meeting times.
• Bring your own coffee/beverages. There will be no coffee service during this time.

Daily Meetings