Lancaster County A.A.

The purpose and function

“Intergroups” within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are multifaceted and essential to the effective functioning and support of the AA community. The key purposes and functions of Intergroups can be identified as:

  1. Service Coordination: Intergroups serve as a central hub for coordinating various service activities and initiatives within a given geographical area, ensuring that the needs and voices of local groups are heard and addressed.

  2. Communication and Information Hub: Intergroups provide a forum for conducting AA business within a specific geographical area, facilitating effective communication and collaboration among local AA groups. They also serve as a valuable source of information for individuals seeking help with alcoholism, providing details on meetings, events, and resources.

  3. Representation and Support: Intergroups offer a platform for local AA groups to have representation and a voice in broader AA matters, ensuring that the collective conscience of the local groups is considered in decision-making processes. They also provide support and resources for the establishment and growth of new AA groups within their geographical area.

  4. Extending the AA Message: Intergroups play a crucial role in extending the reach of the AA message to individuals who may need it, such as those in treatment facilities, prisons, or the general public, thereby fostering the mission of carrying the message of recovery to those in need.

Contacts and Downloads

Agendas and meeting minutes can be downloaded from the “Intergroup Updates” section of the Blog.