Service Opportunities

Interested in being in service?

The purpose and function

Commitments within Alcoholics Anonymous serve a crucial purpose in supporting the recovery process and the broader AA service structure. These commitments encompass various voluntary roles and responsibilities undertaken by AA members to contribute to the mission of AA and support individuals in need of recovery. The function of these commitments is multi-faceted and essential to the AA community:

  1. Extend Support: Commitments such as bringing AA meetings into treatment facilities, prisons, and healthcare settings extend the reach of AA’s support and guidance to individuals who may not have access to regular AA meetings.

  2. Service and Selflessness: Fulfilling these commitments provides opportunities for AA members to engage in service to others, promoting selflessness and contributing to the well-being of the broader AA community.

  3. Personal Growth and Sobriety: Engaging in commitments allows AA members to actively participate in carrying the message of recovery, reinforcing the core principles of the AA program, and supporting their own sobriety journey.

Volunteer to take 12 Step Phone Calls

When a person calls the Lancaster A.A. hotline, we need volunteers to talk to them and/or take them to a meeting. If you’re interested in receiving 12 Step calls, please complete this form and we will get back to you with more information.

The minimum sobriety requirement is one year.