Willow Street Meeting Rules

We already have a communication from the Willow Street Church and we are complying.
Additionally Sharing Area 48 Guidelines For Reopening Meetings

“Due to the dynamics of the current situation, it is extremely important to have a group conscience meeting and plan and decide how reopening a meeting is to happen in a safe and spiritual way”. This quote is from AA Area 48 and has been part of the information about how some are doing this from the GSO.

Above all, the group is asked to consider the AA principles and Traditions as the guiding force to a group conscience.

Tracking of exposure to Covid19: A weekly Covid19 meeting roster including First names and telephone numbers will be maintained by the coordinator. Tracking of Covid19 contacts will be done by the PA Department of Health. We need to give the appropriate Tracking List of people that were at meetings attended by Covid19 positive person. The coordinator will be point person for contact with the church and health department. Coordinator will report the Group Secretary if any Health Department interaction. Coordinator will keep church Covid19 Team informed.

Someone comes to meeting sick: Ask them to leave.

Meeting scripts: we should not be passing papers person to person. The Meeting leader reads all scripts; BYOB – Bring your own books. We will have announcements at the beginning of each meeting to assure that everyone understands the safety guidelines.

Literature: Don’t put any literature on display. Don’t pass any papers or books.

Newcomers: Have someone greet and take newcomers outside to explain the meeting process and provide a local Meeting List in a plastic bag.

Contributions: Should not be passing a basket. Have one member carry basket around for contributions; encourage mailed checks.

Meeting Format: In person and Zoom or telephone together if possible?

Personal Protective Equipment: Have available disposable masks and hand sanitizer if available and disposable gloves for persons handling documents, money or disinfecting.

Daily Meetings