Zoom Host/Moderator Resources

Beginning 04-05 Zoom has has started making mandatory changes to your meeting setups. Among other things, meetings will be required to use a password or a password embedded meeting link that you can find on your meeting setup page.

Click here to send your new passwords or password embedded links

Some things to consider first. You should edit your meeting settings before your first meeting. From your account screen click ‘Meetings’ at the left side of your screen under ‘Personal’. Once on the meetings screen, settings can be updated by clicking “edit” at the very bottom right side. It will prompt if you want to edit “this meeting” or “all” meetings, click ‘all’ so it updates all future meetings. You should turn off recording because it is an anonymity issue. You may want to disable desktop sharing for participants. You can imagine how a participant may use this. But it may be handy to enable desktop sharing for only the moderator so can present literature. There is a chat feature that you may or may not want to enable for participants. There is a lock feature that can be used to lock a meeting after it has started so no more participants can join. This is not recommended but can be used as a last ditch effort if you are being zoom bombed by trolls and you don’t want them to attempt to re-join.

Some disturbing trolling has been reported. You can use the waiting room feature to control this. To use the waiting room, find the Manage Participants button at the bottom of your Zoom Meeting Page once you are in an active meeting. Click it, and a list of your participants will appear at the right side of the meeting. From there you can admit people, mute people, or remove them from the meeting. If the participant is removed from the meeting they will not be able to re-enter without being re-admitted. You can use the chat feature to further vet participants you don’t immediately recognize. Moderators can familiarize yourselves with the controls during non meeting hours with the help of a friend. Have them join the meeting so you can practice admitting participants and controlling their behavior, as well as using the chat feature.

Beginning 04-05, Zoom will be making some mandatory changes to your setup if they haven’t already. Some of the new settings zoom is making to your meeting can be disabled if you so choose. Zoom will require a password. This can be disabled or you can choose to modify the password that has been created for you. There will be a password embedded link to your meeting that will display in your settings. If you send it to webservant@lancasteraa.org, participants will not be required to enter a meeting password when they click on the link. We will gladly post it as your link, you may still want to send the password to us to include . Zoom will require a waiting room as described above. Zoom will require registration for first time users. This can be disabled if you so choose. Otherwise you will receive an email for each participant the first time they try to sign on. You will need to approve each participant. Zoom will have authentication enabled. This can be disabled if you so choose. This simply means a user will need to sign into their free zoom account to enter a meeting. Please feel free to reply with any questions. Please send your new password or password embedded link to webservant@lancasteraa.org!!

Below are some helpful links with instructions for preventing and controlling zoom meeting trolls.


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