Zoom is a free video conferencing application. You will need a laptop, a tablet, a cell phone, or a computer with a microphone . A camera would be nice, and most laptops have a microphone and a camera built in at the top of the screen. Almost all smartphone’s and tablet’s have a camera. The first thing to do before using Zoom is sign up on the Zoom Website. Visit zoom.us or you can easily find it by googling “zoom”. When you are on the site you will see a link in the upper right hand corner that says “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE”. Complete your profile and create a password. After that you may join a meeting at it’s specified time by clicking on a meeting link our zoom meeting page. You may be prompted for a password which you will simply enter into the box and click ok. You can decide to use the zoom application or attend meetings from your internet browser. The first time you try to enter a meeting, it will prompt you to download the application. Proceed through the installation steps if you choose to use the software. If it doesn’t take you directly to the meeting, close the software and click on the meeting link again. If you would rather not use the software, click cancel and it should take you to the zoom conference through your web browser. If you don’t have a link to a meeting, you can also go to the zoom.us website and click the “JOIN A MEETING” link in the upper right corner and enter the meeting ID. It may prompt you for a password. You may be prompted to sign into your zoom account using the your account ID (username) and password. At some meetings, the meeting chairperson may admit you to the meeting. At others you will go directly into the meeting.

If all else fails, go to zoom.us and join the meeting using the Meeting Id and password.

Daily Meetings