For Home Groups

AA Meetings in Treatment Facilities

Your home group can commit to taking meetings to a treatment facility on a regular basis.  Contact if interested.

For Individuals


Attend the monthly Intergroup meetings. All are welcome! There are numerous committees that need your help!

Correctional Facilities for Men and Women

Visit our webpage.

Volunteer to take 12 Step Phone Calls

When a person calls the hotline, we need volunteers to talk to them and/or take them to a meeting. We keep a list of volunteers who are willing to have calls transferred to them. This list is especially important if a person calls the answering service and asks to talk to someone immediately.

If you would like to be on this list, please complete the form below. The minimum sobriety requirement is one year.

Or you can mail this form to:
Lancaster AA Central Service Office, Inc.
630 Janet Avenue, Suite D150, Lancaster, Pa 17601

Important Information for Phone Volunteers:
When receiving a call, these are the telephone numbers that will appear:

Answering Service: 800-374-5098
Central Service Office: 717-509-2868

If you are not interested in continuing or if you have a new phone number, please notify us. Thank you for your service!

Daily Meetings