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Intergroup will be held on Zoom Wed. November 18

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Meeting ID: 88478238216

October Minutes

The purpose of Intergroup is to help carry the message
of Alcoholics Anonymous by:

• Provide an office and answering service
• Update and publish meeting schedules
• Maintain an inventory of pamphlets, books and tapes
• Establish and provide for Intergroup committees
• Provide support for AA events in Lancaster
• Make decisions that affect AA in Lancaster County

Business Meetings

Intergroup Meets at 7PM on the 4th Wednesday of each
month except Nov & Dec on the 3rd Wednesday. Steering Committee meets at 6PM on the same night, date, and location.

Location: Lancaster County Health and Welfare Building, 630 Janet Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601. Enter at the Marshall Avenue Entrance letter F on the side. Google Map


Intergroup makes decisions that affect AA in Lancaster County. They are representatives of the groups in Lancaster County and exercise the will of the groups by right of vote. They can also make motions for changes to be voted on based on the will of their group. They also possess “Right of Decision” to make votes based on personal discretion when time is of essence.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee supports Intergroup to make decisions that affect AA in Lancaster County. They hold positions that facilitate Intergroup Meetings and Intergroup Functions. They are forbidden to vote on key decisions Intergroup decides.

Steering Committee Positions Are Open

There are 2 candidates to be voted on in March, Jared and Keith. If you are interested in becoming part of steering committee, please attend the steering committee meeting at 6pm January 22nd or come to the reqular business meeting at 7pm the same night.

Daily Meetings