Unless otherwise indicated, all committees meet in the Lancaster
County Health and Welfare Building.


4th Wed 6:00 pm
Blair Rm
Contact: Steph P

The Steering Committee is the administrative arm of the Intergroup Representatives, subject to the approval of the Intergroup Representatives. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to direct the operations of the CSO and to supervise and support the operations of Committees.


4th Wed 7:00 pm
Blair Rm
Contact: Steph P

The purpose of Intergroup is to help carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by:
Providing an office and answering service; Update and publish meeting schedules; Maintain an inventory of pamphlets, books and tapes; Make a diligent effort to publish an Intergroup newsletter; Establish and provide for Intergroup committees.

Treatment Facilities

Read the Guidelines
Contact: Dylan W

Carrying the AA message into treatment facilities in the area on a weekly or monthly schedule.


(Cooperation With The Professional Community)

Contact: Pete G.

The CPC committee studies ways to cooperate with professionals while keeping within AA traditions and guidelines. The committee cooperates with other area committees when communication with professionals if specific subjects need to be addressed and is responsible for communicating directly with professionals when needed.


(Public Information)

Contact: Keith L.

The purpose of PI service work is to provide accurate AA information to the public when requested. For this purpose PI committee members visit schools, businesses, church and civic groups, and community meetings as well as staff AA booths at health fairs.

Women’s Prison

Contact: Sue A. at the Central Service Office – (717)394-3238

The Women’s Prison Committee Volunteers bring the message of recovery to women who are incarcerated.

Application Form (for prison access)

Men’s Prison

Contact: Pete A.

The Men’s Prison Committee Volunteers bring the message of recovery to men who are incarcerated.

Application Form (for prison access)


Contact: Pete W.

Archives collects ongoing updates on group and district
histories. In conjunction with the Area Archivist, collects historical information about Eastern Pennsylvania’s groups, districts and the Area.

Web Committee

Contact: Dawn C. W. /Keith L.

Maintains the Intergroup website, answers questions submitted by email or contact form, and updates Event information.

Unity in Community Camp Out

1st Wed at 6:00 pm
Room B103
Contact: Scott

The theme for the campout weekend is Unity in the Community. The goal of this annual event (8th in 2015) is to show the newcomers that there is great fun and good fellowship in recovery.

Pig Roast

1st Mon 6:00 pm
Room B107
Contact: Dora D.

The Pig Roast committee organizes this annual community event to have a day filled with food, games, sports, door prizes, 50/50 Raffle and Inspiration. This event proves that it is fun being sober!

Hand Of AA

4th Tue 6:30 pm
Blair Room
Contact: Sam B.

The Hand of AA Committee organizes the Annual Lancaster, PA Conference. The primary purpose is carrying the message of A.A. to the newcomer through a time of fellowship in an open and understanding environment that encourages questions, discussions and suggestions pertaining to How It Works.

Daily Meetings